BodySmart Franchise 

If you are an individual who loves fitness and helping people feel better, then you will love the BodySmart business concept.  The market potential is huge and franchisees have the opportunity to take control and develop a business that has the power to change people's lives.

At BODYSMART, we combine personal training with the world's most powerful exercise technology, Power Plate® vibration therapy.  BODYSMART is for men and women of all ages and fitness levels, and a full body workout takes only 25 minutes.  Regular exercise at BodySmart can dramatically improve balance, posture, stability, mobility, muscle tone and bone mineral density.

A BodySmart Studio with 4 machines can accommodate up to 275 clients per month, who are working out on average twice a week.  With each client paying on average €65 per month, profits for a studio can be significant, as rent and wages can be kept low.  A four machine studio can deliver annual revenues in excess of €250k with profit in the region of €85k.  A ten machine studio can service up to 750 members and generate annual revenues of in excess of €350k with profits of €200k.

Irish Fitness Franchises

A BodySmart franchise offers: 

•  A low start up cost from a total personal investment of just €52K.

•  The ability to get into business quickly and easily.

•  The ability to be cash flow positive within weeks of opening

•  The ability to rapidly grow the business

•  The potential for fantastic earnings.

•  A huge potential market and scope for multiple sites.

With the support from the BodySmart training team, you can be up and running within weeks of sourcing a suitable premises and signing a lease.

A BodySmart franchise is suitable for individuals who are fitness enthusiasts or fitness professionals, or entrepreneurs that are interested in operating a cluster of fitness studios. The purchase price of a BodySmart franchise is €52,000.  Our lending partner is prepared to offer financing for suitable candidates up to 60%, as well as a line of credit for working capital, subject to your ability to obtain credit approval.  You can expect the total investment required to start a BodySmart studio to be in the region of €80,000.

For more information please fill your details in the below form and a member of the BodySmart team will be in touch.

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