A Healthy New Concept

The market for fast food is extremely competitive with large numbers of pizza takeaways, Chinese and Indian restaurants and chippers all competing for a slice of the takeaway or fast food market.

The pressures of everyday life mean that people look to their local take away on a regular basis to make life easier. Because this choice in the market is largely dominated by unhealthy food, people start to feel guilty or worried about eating fast food so often.

Oodles is a unique healthy fast food option that is based on high quality, tasty, healthy fresh food which is also good value. The concept is that the customers choose the food that they want in their dish, the sauce they want and whether they want noodles or rice. The food is then cooked right in front of them on a wok in 3 minutes. This franchise suits someone who has a love of food and customer service but does not have training in the catering business.

There are hundreds of sandwich bars, pizza and burger places but very few fast food restaurants offering healthy food. This is going to be fast moving so don't miss your opportunity.

'I give five stars to Oodles, for their freshness, healthiness, variety, and well-kept premises. Green tea is a nice pick me up, too. A perfect small bite...' - Maureen Evans, Belfast

Franchisees Love Oodles; Oodles Loves Noodles!

Oodles, with its ‘Happy to be Healthy' ethos, is perfectly positioned to offer a healthier alternative which is still fast, but also tasty, nutritious and guilt free. The food is prepared using fresh ingredients and no monosodium glutamate. Oodles dishes appeal to vegetarians and covers allergies by offering wheat and gluten free noodles.

Why you'll Love This Opportunity

A dedicated team of experts will assist you in every stage of setting up your Oodles franchise. If you qualify to become one of our franchisees, you will already have the necessary skills to succeed. However, we will provide a proven framework that will assist you in areas such as selecting and evaluating the right site, business planning, legal matters, training, and Oodles specific systems and procedures.


Comprehensive Training

Once you agree to become an Oodles Franchisee, the first stage of your new career will involve in-depth training, which consists of initial service element and business training, ongoing training and a personal development plan.

Be Your Own Boss Running a Highly Successful and Unique New Food Chain

Your initial training will take place on site in our restaurant in Belfast and in a classroom environment for business management. This is a week long event where you will receive hands on training that will leave you fully equipped to run your business and offer the end-user customer the best service possible at all times. We will provide you with the necessary back up manuals to refer to and will be on hand to help you after you leave the course. You will also receive on site support and training when you are going live.

Launch Marketing Package

After you successfully complete your initial training, we will commence a Launch Marketing Package, which will include:

  • Franchisee Start Up Support 
  • Site Requirements Info & Site selection Assistance
  • Restaurant fit out plans
  • Full Operations Manual
  • On site Start Up Support
  • Restaurant EPOS System
  • Menu Design & Production
  • Sourcing of Fresh Raw Materials
  • Price Listings
  • Sales and Marketing Support
  • Business cards, Brochures and other marketing materials
  • Local marketing support
  • The use of the Oodles Loves Noodles national brand
  • National Marketing
  • National (and International) Brand Promotion
  •  Use of the patented product developments and research

At Oodles you can eat quickly and healthily, satisfying the needs of health conscious customers by offering fast food made with fresh ingredients. As a Franchisee you too can share in the success of this unique concept by introducing an Oodles restaurant to your area.

'...heard good reviews so I figured I may as well check it out. Friendly staff who allow you to taste their sauces beforehand. I had the Egg Noodles / Pineapple and Chilli sauce with ginger and garlic thrown in as well. If you like your spicy food i would recommend this! Loved it.' - Chris Johnson, Belfast


You'll Love This Opportunity

  • A brand new food franchise capturing a new share of the fast food market
  • Your business can be cash flow positive in weeks
  • It satisfies the increasing demand and need for a new healthy approach to fast food
  • Massive potential for growth means that you can build a substantial business
  • A proven concept that generates a high level of repeat business makes this a very secure proposition
  • Get a Strong Return on Your Investment While Doing Something You Love.

Yes, we operate in a relatively mature market with a lot of competition, but our business model is differentiated and well set up to help you guarantee the sales and income we're projecting. That's because we know our concept works. We do it week in, week out so we know our food is in high demand. We have targeted a niche sector and stand out from the competition. That's why we know you can do it too, as long as you have the right credentials of course!

We have a strong brand image that you can tap in to. Our distinctive name and brand position are quickly harnessed by target audiences and they successfully position us as a fresh, friendly and unique healthy fast food chain.

Our service levels are unmatched; we make sure our chefs are trained in the skilled technique of wok cooking and our waiting staff are fun and friendly. That's why we're well set up to offer an unrivalled array of healthy Asian fast tasty food - guaranteed.

  • Simple, affordable and irresistible; our range of noodle dishes can be picked up to take away or eaten in our quirky surroundings. Our massive range means we have menu combinations to suit every taste and almost every budget.
  • We're flexible and our easy 3 step menu is designed for freedom and creativity. Our Mix and Match ordering system couldn't be easier - first pick your base, then pick your filling and lastly pick your sauce. Fast and fun and a recipe for the perfect noodles within minutes.
  • Our food if fresh. Being all healthy, we know the importance of only using fresh, high quality and locally sourced vegetables, meat and fish that add flavour and make our noodle dishes even more perfect.

We cook in a wok on the spot. Every single dish we serve is cooked to order, right before your eyes. Using wholesome ingredients and only a little oil, we cook our food quickly at high temperatures, which naturally seals in flavour and retains the food's flavour.


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