Leadership Management Franchise

  A Leader in its Field

Developing leaders and organisations to their full potential could be the best way to achieve your own.

For over 30 years, Leadership Management® International (LMI) has been improving businesses, helping organisations develop the talents and abilities of their key employees, and increasing productivity and corporate profits. During this time LMI has enjoyed its own success creating highly profitable Franchises around the world.

This is your chance to join the premier performance-improvement organisation and become one of our highly sought after specialists in this exciting, secure and financially rewarding field.

Leadership Management International Inc. was founded in the USA in 1966. Since then the organisation has grown to the point where it is represented in sixty countries with materials produced in 22 languages. Our business model provides entrepreneurs with access to time-proven systems to enable client business to achieve long-term results.

We currently have six franchises in Ireland and are actively seeking to recruit more. At LMI, we believe people are an organisation’s greatest resource. Our philosophy is based upon the premise that men and women have an unlimited potential to achieve both their personal aims and those of their organization, yet every year Irish businesses spend millions of euro on training and development
that fails to deliver measurable or  long-lasting results.

The challenge to managing directors, business owners and entrepreneurs, who wish to compete locally and/or globally, is to develop effective leaders to manage the business and drive sales and profits. LMI provides the process and the tools to help organisations of any size to be more competitive in the marketplace. You can use these tools can help businesses achieve long-term improvements in performance and create a solid and successful business for yourself.

Business Coaching Franchises

Donal Brady, Master Franchisee LMI Ireland

Do you have what it takes for success?

Successful franchisees come from a variety of backgrounds. For example, in Ireland a former naval officer and a banker have both established busy operations with excellent turnover. And thousands of other professionals from all kinds of backgrounds are enjoying success worldwide. The bottom line is - your specific field is less important than having the ability and positive traits. When selecting LMI Franchisees we look for the following qualities:

  • Good communicator
  • Good listener
  • Numerate
  • Goal driven
  • Realistic
  • Disciplined and determined
  • At ease with senior management
  • Desire to work with people
  • Self-motivated
  • Successful track record
  • Strong work ethic

And most of all… Positive attitude

Training & Support
Throughout your first twelve months our Licensee Development Programme will provide you with all the training, support, professional advice and direction you need to get your business off to the best
possible start.

We follow our own advice and start you off on a year-long development programme to assist you in building the business of your dreams. The training provided has been developed specifically for the Irish market and is delivered by practitioners with comprehensive experience of the Irish business environment.

What you can expect
Naturally the actual performance of any franchise is largely dependent on the franchisee's efforts. However, we have great confidence that we are supplying a proven and successful formula that should be highly profitable in the hands of an energetic and enthusiastic franchisee.

We can say from experience that an LMI Franchise is a gilt edged opportunity for ambitious professionals and the earnings potential is commensurate with the expectations of such individuals. We would fully expect ambitious applicants to earn six-figure sums.

Greater potential for success
The chances of succeeding in business as a franchisee are greater than starting in business alone. You get access to tried and tested formulae - and the backup and advice of successful franchisees. With LMI you can be confident of success, knowing that we will be putting our best efforts into making sure that your business is successful because, ultimately, your success is our success – a partnership.

The next step
No doubt your enthusiasm and your ability to spot an excellent business opportunity are prompting you to find out more. If so, why not fill in the online form below and we will contact you.

This could be the golden opportunity you’ve been looking for to turn your business knowledge and experience into a successful Franchise operation.

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