BodySmart™ Obtains Private Equity Backing, Launches Fitness Franchise to the Irish Market

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BodySmart, Ireland's Power Plate® fitness franchise, announced today that is has secured a private equity investment from Marc O'Dwyer, Managing Director of Big Red Book and a seasoned Irish entrepreneur and investor.  The investment provides funding for BodySmart to launch the Franchise to the Irish marketplace.  BodySmart will open at least ten studios in 2009, creating up to 50 jobs.

Marc O'Dwyer comments  "In this day and age of high stress levels and significant time constraints, it is essential to maintain a healthy body.  I have been a client for over a year, and the results are visible within the first week or two.  This is an exciting investment for me personally because I am a very keen sportsman and Triathlete and I envision BodySmart revolutionising exercise in Ireland.   The market potential is huge and franchisees have the opportunity to develop a business that has the power to really change people's lives."

A BodySmart Studio is an exercise facility that incorporates the latest fitness technology to deliver the most cost & time effective exercise results.  The technology of the Power Plate device makes it a suitable training tool for all, from the user looking to adopt a more active lifestyle and improve health, right through to the competitive athlete looking for an extra performance edge.  The body's natural response to vibration means that regular use of the Power PlateTM device can dramatically improve aspects of health such as balance, posture, stability, mobility, muscle tone and bone mineral density. 

A BodySmart franchise is a suitable business for individuals that are fitness enthusiasts or healthcare professionals, or entrepreneurs that are interested in operating a cluster of fitness studios.   A ten machine studio can accommodate up to 500 clients and generate annual profits in excess of €150k.  The low start-up cost of €52k means that a Franchisee can get into business quickly and easily.   There is potential for fantastic earnings and scope for multiple sites for each franchisee. BodySmart successfully operates three studios in Dublin and Galway.  BodySmart is the brainchild of Morgan Pierce, an American national and entrepreneur with significant start-up experience.  Morgan has spent the last two years designing and developing a simple and effective franchise concept which is now ready to roll out to the larger Irish market.

Morgan Pierce says "I believe personal training combined with powerful technology is the future of exercise.   This is the perfect model for aspiring entrepreneurs interested in running a lifestyle business in the health and fitness industry.  The space required for a studio is tiny as compared to any other fitness concept, and with the market in its current state, it's easy to find suitable property at an affordable rent.   A studio can generate significant revenues and provide a lifelong career that is financially and personally motivating.  With Marc O'Dwyer as part of our management team, I feel we  are poised to create a strong brand and deliver long-term value to our franchisees."

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